Registration Opens May 1, 2024

Registration will open May 1, and close Aug 15.  Late registration will be Aug 16 thru the end of August.  Registration fee will be $50/ team with late registration fee $100/team.  NO 5/10/15 year awards will be accepted in late registration.

Listed below are the steps needed to get ready for Bible Bowl. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us .

Step 1: Register & Pay Online

Submit all 5 & 10 year participants along with the rest of the entry form below by the August 15 deadline.

Addition of 15 Year Awards – Occasionally, we have a participant who started Bible Bowl when they were three years old. We have decided to honor these participants with a 15 year participation award.

1 Scorekeeper will be required for every 4 teams registered. (e.g. 13 teams = 4 scorekeepers)

No Team Rosters are needed, but we recommend that every congregation encourages commitment from its participants. Please fill out the following form:

    The cost is $50 per team (non-refundable). Example: If you bring 10 participants making up three teams, you owe $150. The deadline to pay is August 15.

    Late Registration: We have added a late registration that will end on August 31st. During late registration, no 5/10/15 year awards will be accepted. The registration fee will increase to $100 per team. No registrations will be accepted after August 31st.

    Confirmation emails will be sent to verify your information after you register.

    NOTE: We recognize those in their 5th, 10th and 15th year only, unless you failed to submit an award recipient from a previous year.

    Individual Awards: If you need to add a 5/10/15 year award after you have registered, this can be done up until August 15th by emailing Ryan Mattson at No 5/10/15 year awards will be accepted after August 15 or during late registration.


    Step 2: Register T-Shirts

    Most every congregation comes in their own Bible Bowl t-shirts. Because of the many creative t-shirt designs, a contest is offered each year to judge which congregation has the most creative and eye-appealing design. Each congregation that would like to participate in the contest is asked to upload an image of their design using our T-shirt Contest Form. Our preferred format for images is jpeg. Please use the following naming convention: congregation-city-state-year.jpg Using Sycamore as an example, the file name will be Sycamore-Cookeville-TN-2023.jpg or SycamoreCOC-Cookeville-TN-2023.jpg. Any file not named using this convention will be excluded. This will allow us to know which congregation sent the shirt just by looking at the file name and not have to try to get it off the shirt. Thank you!

    The deadline to submit T-Shirt designs has been extended to the Tuesday before Bible Bowl and must be submitted using the form on the website.

    Step 3: Check-In

    There are two different check-in times:

    1. Early-bird Check-In: Friday night before Bible Bowl from 7:00-8:30pm at the East Entrance of the Hooper Eblen Center (same location as normal registration).  You can get your packets & even your seating to avoid the long lines & delay on Bible Bowl morning.  YOU MUST CONFIRM THAT YOU HAVE A SCOREKEEPER PROVIDED BEFORE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO REGISTER.

    2. Morning of Bible Bowl Check-In: Bible Bowl morning at 7:00 a.m.

    As you receive the congregational team packets and seating assignment (Friday night or Saturday morning), you will be given a from that must be presented to the scorekeepers table on Saturday morning before Bible Bowl begins. This is to insure that you have started the check-in process and have your required scorekeeper. With out a scorekeeper and this form, your congregation will not be allowed to participate in Bible Bowl.


    Step 4: Compete

    • One Quizmaster will orally read 100 multiple-choice questions taken from the study material (questions and answers are also projected on four large screens).
    • After each question, each participant raises an A, B, or C card as their answer choice.
    • Official score-keepers will tally team scores (Teams receive 10 points per correct answer and a bonus of 10 points if all team members answer correctly)
    • Coaches tally correct responses for each individual score.
    • The top sixteen teams from each division advance to the semi-finals, with the #1 team automatically going to the finals.