September 12, 2020

We're Live!

Videos of all questions have been uploaded to our YouTube channel. 

Virtual Bible Bowl 2020

Bible Bowl 2020 will be streamed virtually on YouTube at 8:30 AM CST on September 12, 2020. Questions for each round will be available for download at 8 AM the day of the event.

Share Your Photos

This year, since we are not physically together for Bible Bowl, we want to be together virtually!  So we are asking each congregation to take pictures and put them on social media using the following hashtags:  #SycamoreBibleBowl2020  #VirtualBibleBowl2020 and #VirtualBibleBowlTShirts2020

We would love to see pictures of your teams, how you are set to do Bible Bowl, your T-Shirt Designs, and most importantly. your smiling faces!  We look forward to seeing you next year at Bible Bowl 2021 on September 11!

Virtual Bible Bowl 2020 Questions

Below are the questions for the 2020 Virtual Bible Bowl. We've included PDF, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word formats for convenience. These questions will be recorded and read aloud on our YouTube channel starting at 8:30 AM on Saturday, September 12, 2020. Please click the links below to download the files. Round 1 Round 1 - Word (.docx) Round 1 - PDF (.pdf) Round 1 - PowerPoint (.pptx) Round 2 Round 2 - Word (.docx) Round 2 - PDF (.pdf) Round 2 - PowerPoint (.pptx) Round 3 Round 3 - Word...

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