Communication between scorekeepers, coaches, and participants is a must on the day of Bible Bowl. Using the clipboards and having scorekeepers sitting with the coaches was to facilitate communication between the scorekeeper and the coaches and to provide more room for team seating. Here are a few suggestions for optimal communication between coaches, scorekeepers, and participants on the day of Bible Bowl:

Scorekeeper: Before Bible Bowl begins that day, make sure the coaches in your area know to notify you before the next question is read if they do not agree with the score. Make sure the coaches know you have written down ALL scores before cards are lowered.

Coaches: Keep your mind on the task at hand. There is nothing more frustrating for a scorekeeper than a coach that waits until several questions have passed before “catching”
a mistake the scorekeeper has made. Coaches must keep an eye on their participants to timely catch mistakes and help Bible Bowl to flow smoothly.

Coaches: It is the responsibility of the coaches to tell their participants to keep the cards in the folders, keep the cards up until signaled to lower them, do not talk during the rounds, etc. Practicing during the summer is very beneficial, especially for new participants and younger participants.

Coaches: Set up a “lower your cards” signaling system for the team you are keeping individual scores for, such as lightly tapping the participant closest to you, and then they tap the one in front of them, and so on until all participants have been tapped. They can then lower their cards.