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Congregational Team Scores
For Division, choose JR (Junior) or SR (Senior). The Junior Division is for the 6th grade and down. The Senior Division is for the 7th-12th grade. Participants may compete in a higher division, but cannot compete in a lower division. For example, a 4th grader may participate in the Senior Division, but a 9th grader may not compete in the Junior Division. Enter up to 10 teams by clicking the (+) symbol.
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Individual Scores
Please enter your 90 and above scores and all young achiever scores. For Division, enter JR (Junior), SR (Senior), or YA (Young Achiever). Juniors are 6th grade and down. Seniors are 7th graders and up. down. Young Achievers are in the 1st grade and down. Enter up to 40 participants by clicking the (+) symbol.
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Scores kept for other Teams/Congregations
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Enter up to 8 teams by clicking the (+) symbol.
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