September 18, 2021

We're Live!

Videos of all questions have been uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Virtual Bible Bowl 2021

Bible Bowl 2021 will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube at 10:00 AM CST on September 18, 2021. Each round will be broken down into a video.

Share Your Photos

We are asking each congregation to take pictures and put them on social media using the following hashtags:  #SycamoreBibleBowl2021 and #BibleBowlTShirts2021

We would love to see pictures of your teams, how you are set to do Bible Bowl, your T-Shirt Designs, and most importantly. your smiling faces!

Recorded Questions for 2021

Bible Bowl 2021 Update

We have been getting a lot of questions about this years Bible Bowl. The Elders met last night (9/13/2021) and after much prayer, decided to proceed with Bible Bowl at the Hooper Eblen Center as planned. While we would love to see each congregation at the Hoop on Saturday, we realize with the pandemic, each congregation must do what it feels it must to keep its members safe. The questions from Bible Bowl have been recorded in video format and we will post them to our youtube site...

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More News

Bible Bowl 2021 Date Change

Due to a scheduling conflict with TTU Athletics, the Hooper Eblen Center will not be available on Sept 11, 2021. Bible Bowl 2021 has been moved to September 18th.

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